A true crime novel about the horror and fear of a career criminals thirst for violence and the lives he forever changed in less than 6 months. 



Book Review of Do You Know How To Fly by Kirkus Reviews. 
Kuhn's debut true-crime story shows how a violent man's life led him to death row. 
The author uses interviews and other sources to piece together the life of Delmer Smith, a seasoned career criminal awaiting execution in Florida. Smith was born in Detroit in 1971, on the cusp of the city's economic decline. By age 14, he was convicted of raping a woman at a carwash where he worked. The 18 months that he spent in a juvenile reformatory dashed any possibility of rehabilitation;instead, he learned "how to be more proficient as a criminal" as he became "a creature without a conscience." As a young adult, Kuhn writes, Smith carriedout burglaries, carjackings, and bank robberies, which eventually led to a15-year incarceration. After his second prison stint, he moved to Florida;there, Kuhn writes, Smith assaulted and beat multiple women--all the while leading a double life as a "wise and loving uncle" to his two nieces.Eventually, the violence led to a murder conviction. The author interviewed manyof Smith's victims and found that the women were now "desperately seeking someone or something to fully trust again." Thanks to these firsthand accounts,readers receive a nuanced portrait of a predatory man. Kuhn's decision to jump between accounts of Smith's early life and present-day interviews is an effective one; by regularly pulling readers back to the present, he reminds them of the painful, enduring impact of his subject's actions. Moreover, Kuhn shows a great deal of sensitivity when recounting the crimes, evoking deep pathos instead of graphic sensationalism. That said, the book does include some unnecessary background information, including three pages on Smith's birth alone; it also bafflingly overuses section breaks, which disrupt the otherwise strong narrative flow.  

A thoughtful,engaging account of a brutal life and the carnage that it left behind.  

Do You Know How To Fly?


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